President Donald Trump is without peer in controlling the country’s focus and dialogue. He teaches a master class in “distraction — the key leadership technique.” Why would he say and do all these extreme things? Why does it serve his purpose to stoke the fire of unrest and violence?

The answer? He has successfully moved the national dialogue away from reducing the impact of the virus on lives and businesses. Instead, he has the media, his supporters and all of us focused on the great divide we have as a country in race, quality of life and economy. These important and challenging issues are made more vibrant for many peoples’ consciousness because of the pandemic.

However, he does nothing to pull us together with common ground on these challenging issues. He does not appear to look for ways to pull us all together as a nation to fight the pandemic’s impact. Daily, he appears to seek the most highly controversial things to say or do.

He is winning the race in manipulating our focus. Many people have, and will, die needlessly because of strategy to win the upcoming election.

Bonnie Goren, Bellevue