David Brooks, in his column “Letter to a young Republican” [Feb. 21, Opinion], paints the Democratic Party as belonging exclusively to “cultural elites” and the “educated metropolitan class.” And he goes on to make up a version of the Republican Party that he would like to see — a party that is “the champion for those who didn’t complete college, don’t want to leave their hometown for the big city, do have a set of traditional values centered on their faith.”

This dishonest re-imagining of the two political parties only furthers the destructive divide between urban and rural America. Brooks, an Ivy-League-educated, urban-dwelling member of the cultural elite, seems to be trying to reinvent himself and his party by exaggerating this divide.

I would very much like to see the Republican Party gain some semblance of sanity and willingness to work on unifying the country. But vilifying those of us who live in cities, who have strong humanitarian values and who care about racial, economic and social equity for all Americans is not the best way forward.

Mary-Carter Creech, Seattle