Re: “Trump conservatives think they are loathed by elites — are they?” [Oct. 15, Opinion]:

Op-Ed writer Todd Gitlin seems to have forgotten Hillary Clinton’s description of them as deplorables, and President Obama’s characterization of them as clinging to their guns and Bibles. Gitlin’s most disagreeable statement is that “the Trumpian right is intrinsically a party of hatred — for people of color, ‘nasty women’, elites, liberals, and the radical left indiscriminately.”

If the “Trumpian right” is a subset or aggregate of several disagreeable constituencies, what does the “Bidenian left” hate? Capitalism and free enterprise, those who seek educational choice to escape educational failure, or those who think that intelligent choices are a commendable “normal” rather than a form of oppression?

Let’s reject hate but find room for criticism of expressions of contempt and arrogance.

Robert Swegle, Bellevue