Re: “White translator removed from Amanda Gorman poem, amid controversy in Europe” [March 11, Books]:

Amanda Gorman’s profound talent was well evidenced by her poem at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Equally extraordinary is the embarrassing decision to not allow a white person (notable European translator Victor Obiols) to translate her poem into Catalan.

As a proud progressive, I am increasingly more and more alarmed at the systematic limits to both free speech and the degree to which we progressives have chosen a narrow direction of what can be “acceptable,” what I call the “Little Progressive Book of Mao.” In essence, to be politically correct, we have decided to neuter all who disagree with us whether it is a matter of racism or whatever.

The very idea that a white person is incapable of doing justice to translating Gorman comes close to us all reaching the conclusion that it is futile to try to understand a poem written by a Black American, and furthermore, therefore, that it is futile to try to even empathize with the issue of racism. God help us!

Michael Stuart, Redmond