Re: “Is the Seattle Police Department understaffed? Here’s what the data shows” [Nov. 9, FYI Guy]:

We do need more police officers to accommodate our city’s growing numbers. We also need to respect the job of policing while stamping out its racism, unprofessional behavior, etc. We must deal with these issues from several sides.

We desperately need a coalition of community leaders representing each major group to create a Community Based Equity panel with recommendation rights necessary to create positive, important, necessary change. We must increase equity, have racial justice and use mental-health outreach while preventing the most violent crimes.

Take a step back, leadership. Think through solutions, get a buy-in from affected communities, and move forward with transparency and openness.

Most officers are good, hardworking people who are trying to do good by keeping people safe. Most people of color are also very good, hardworking people who are just trying to feed their families and live their American dream. Criminals will always be present in society. Don’t criminalize the good people.

Julia Sheriden, Seattle