In police departments throughout the nation, what we need is a U-turn from “us vs. them” attitude to “to protect and serve” irrespective of color, race, religion, economic status or anything else.

When officers go out on the street with the belief that somebody out there is going to give them trouble, they invite the very reaction they fear. When police interaction with the people they serve becomes a war, they are not policing, they are soldiering. The city streets are not a war zone, and protesters are not the enemy. The irony is they are often treated as such while protesting the very actions of those dedicated to protect.

Out with the military weapons, the tear gas, high-pressure hoses and batons, and back to civility, understanding and protection.

It wouldn’t hurt, either, to see an awakening to the recognition that color doesn’t determine anything. Especially not a target.

Lindsay Patricia Allen, Renton