Re: “Calls to defund Seattle police are alarming and reckless” [July 27, Opinion]:

Brian T. Moran’s commentary on defunding police is both “alarming and reckless.” He references the Department of Justice consent decree from 2011 and essentially says they need more time for police reform. Nine years is not enough?

He asserts “there is no clear agreement of what ‘defunding the police’ looks like.” Yet, there is “clearly” a consensus to defund the police and redistribute that funding to a better organized, regulated police force, for instance, freeing up police from performing work better suited for social services. He asks, “who will bear the brunt of the cuts, the poor or the privileged?” The answer to that question is always the same.

Moran is engaged in obfuscation in an effort to maintain the status quo. He says he has seen “a few bad apples” firsthand. Didn’t we all watch Derek Chauvin spoil three other apples? There is work to be done. Let’s help the Seattle City Council get to it.

Jesse Weber, Maple Valley