“Passersby pay their respects as the beloved Pink Elephant packs its trunk” [Nov. 15, Pacific NW Magazine]:

I understand the owner of the Pink Elephant car-wash sign wants it to be kept in a good place. That good place is where it has been all these years.

Seattle has been growing so fast that taking time to retain iconic structures and places becomes an economic issue instead of one of cultural value that the city needs to maintain its humor, imagination and drive.

Saving the few iconic spots around Seattle lends more interest to who we are and how we got there. Our history and sense of humor is also unique. The Twin Teepees restaurant was a rare creation so different it always drew attention. The Hat ’n’ Boots gas station almost disappeared but no longer serves gas. The old Dog House restaurant and the Sky Room at Boeing Field were busy right up to the last day. We saved Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market.

Can’t the city give tax shelters to save some of these amazing historical sparks of culture? They all made us smile.

Jim Thompson, Seattle