Re: “Black newspaper delivery driver detained after Pierce County sheriff claims, then recants, threat to life” [March 18, Times Watchdog]:

As a Pierce County resident, I was angered to read about Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer’s report to a 911 dispatcher that Sedrick Altheimer, a Black newspaper carrier on his route, “threatened to kill [Troyer]” — a report that he later recanted.

This incident is reminiscent of the Central Park confrontation during which Amy Cooper, a white woman, falsely accused Christian Cooper, a Black man bird-watching in the park, of threatening her. Troyer’s report resulted in 42 officers being called to the scene. This is how Black men get killed by the police.

Meanwhile, the officer who killed George Floyd is about to stand trial. (Floyd was killed on the same day of Amy Cooper’s false accusation.)

White people, we must do better. And we must expect much more from our law enforcement officials. It’s not hard to imagine that Troyer’s recanted report could have ended much differently, with Altheimer’s blood on the hands of his fellow officers. Troyer’s conduct is shameful.

Selena Hoffman, Roy