I love the police, the men and women of every color who put themselves in harm’s way to enforce the law, only to be hated as a group because they have become the symbol of racism and injustice.

I love the Vietnam soldiers who sacrificed to do their duty, only to be spat on when they returned home because they had become the symbol of a hated war.

I hate the actions of individuals who use hate and fear as a solution, hate against difference — hate against people of a different color, of a different religion, of different genders, of different occupations.

Our Constitution provides the means to make change happen, so get involved. Through peaceful action, demand that laws be enacted, that courts uphold these laws, that police enforce these laws and that accountability is measurable. Use your vote to elect leaders who act on the belief that the greatness of America is based on our Constitution, which enables the people to change the laws that govern them.

Mahatma Gandhi and Christ had it right: The way to change the hearts of those who hate is through a lifelong commitment to peaceful change.

Diane Moore, Maple Valley