Re: “What if we just acted a little kinder than we felt, or thought?” [Nov. 21, Opinion]:

There was a time not so long ago when I, too, would have derided most of what Nancy Colier wrote as sentimental drivel but, today, her essay reopened my heart and brought back the memory of an earlier idealistic era when many of us (myself included) embraced, tried to live and sang together, “Let there be peace on Earth. And let it begin with me …”

We should not be looking toward elected officials or other human leaders to provide the grace or peace we’re all so desperately seeking. We need to practice it ourselves.

So, here and now, I once again pledge to be one of many souls who will take steps toward reconciliation, grace, forgiveness, harmony, and peace between our fellow citizens and the world at large — even those who oppose us.

I do not believe it to be an act of cowardice, surrender, weakness or sheeplike mentality.

History has proven that it’s the only real power or strength we have individually and collectively.

Be kind. Be of good cheer. Be a true blessing to others, and be blessed yourself.

Robert F. Smith, Lake Stevens