There were three winners in the New Hampshire Primary and one big loser.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was the outright winner with the most votes. This was the expected outcome. Sanders had won the primary by a big margin four years ago and has had years of visibility in New Hampshire as the senator from the state next door.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg could claim something like a win, too, since his 24% share of the vote was a mere two percentage points behind Sanders’ total, thus proving his narrow win in the Iowa caucuses was no fluke. In fact, Buttigieg probably would have won in the Granite State if not for the sudden rise of one other candidate who cut into his votes among center-left Democrats.

That other candidate was Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who turned a strong debate performance last Friday into a strong third-place finish with a 20% share of votes. Klobuchar walks away from New Hampshire with six delegates while Sanders and Buttigieg both get nine.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren ended up a disappointing and distant fourth, but that was better than coming in an embarrassing fifth. That’s where former Vice President Joe Biden landed – Biden, once the supposed front runner, once deemed most electable, once the surest bet to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Biden was Tuesday’s big loser, and the question now is whether he can dig himself out of the unwelcoming snow of New Hampshire and somehow revive his frostbitten campaign.

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