Re: “Serene Olympic National Park is no place for noisy Navy Growlers” [Dec. 9, Opinion]:

As a military veteran of Navy and Marine Corps aviation, I certainly respect and understand the need for our forces to be well-trained. Training was most of what we did every day in my squadron. I still love the smell and sounds of an airstrip, even now, but I don’t want that in the middle of the forest. We don’t need to be training over a protected national park with the loudest jets we have, and there’s no specific reason the Navy needs this space. They could train anywhere. It’s so loud when they fly over, it destroys the peace and quiet of being out in the woods.

The untouched wild is what makes the Puget Sound region and the Olympics so special, and this jet noise is destroying habitats of animals that make this place home. That’s why I love it so much here. I don’t want to lose that. Even orca are being affected underwater. What would the Sound be without orca?

The Navy can easily train in other areas with ecosystems that aren’t as impacted by this noise. There’s no need for this destruction.

Chileen Duncan, Poulsbo