There’s a legislative movement in Washington, D.C., to establish a National Medal of Honor Monument in our nation’s capital. As a Medal of Honor recipient, I speak for myself and for all those who wear the decoration — this monument is not about us.

If it is approved by Congress, this monument will be one of the first that is truly about the values that hold us together as a nation. It will not commemorate a specific war, or even one sect of people who served this great nation. Rather, this monument is for all of us who call America home.

The medal symbolizes the values of courage, sacrifice, patriotism, citizenship, integrity and commitment — all characteristics of patriots. Our nation is full of patriots, those amazing people who do great things for our fellow countrymen every day.

If we learn anything from the stories that fill our news and social media, it’s that we as a society must work harder to instill the values represented by the Medal of Honor in current and future generations. This monument will be a steppingstone to getting back on track.

I encourage Congress to pass the National Medal of Honor Monument Act this year.

Lt. Col. William Swenson, Seattle