Step aside, Tom “Maverick” Cruise. Your movie about jet jockeys has raked in a colossal hoard of money and kept struggling movie theaters afloat, but the real blockbuster of this summer has been the House Jan. 6 committee hearings.

Starring Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, one of the few Republicans left with a moral center, and a stream of ex-White House aides who found their backbones and testified to the truth, the riveting series of hearings that climaxed on Thursday night presented a comprehensive indictment of Donald Trump’s betrayal of his country.

The evidence of the former president’s guilt was provided largely by Trump loyalists who stuck with him up to the day he unleashed a mob to attack the United States Capitol and ignored the pleas of his staff and family to call off the violence. That makes assertions of partisan bias in the committee’s investigation ring utterly hollow and purely cynical.

Of course, Republican partisans, conservative propagandists and blindly loyal Trump voters will not be swayed by the facts the committee has revealed, but the hearings are, nevertheless, hugely consequential; as important as the Army-McCarthy hearings in the 1950s and the Watergate investigations in the 1970s. They have provided a true version of events that will shape the historical record after the noise and misinformation of our current debilitated politics has died away.

And that history will say this: An American president named Trump conspired to overturn the results of an election he knew he lost. After his challenges to the election result failed miserably in more than 60 courtrooms, he summoned a small army of his supporters to Washington, D.C., and sent them to the Capitol to stop the count of electoral votes that would make Joe Biden president. When his mob became violent, fought police, invaded the Capitol, chased senators and congressmen, and hunted Vice President Mike Pence, he refused to perform his constitutional duty to defend the seat of government. Instead, for more than two hours, he shut himself away in a White House dining room and made phone calls to further his plot.

Donald Trump attempted to overthrow the American constitutional order. We know this for a fact because of the January 6 committee’s blockbuster hearings. And, just like a Hollywood hit, there will be a sequel. A new round of hearings begins In September.

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