Those who suffered through President Donald Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office with a constant sense of anxiety and dread finally experienced a few hours of relief when Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election by the national media. Unfortunately, in the days since, Trump’s ability to ruin a good day has not abated.

As he teeters between self-pity and rage, Trump has unleashed an attack on American democracy based solely on his own egocentric need to never be seen as a loser. Trump has sent out teams of lawyers to file bogus lawsuits in state after state to contest the election results with almost no hope of changing the outcome. Meanwhile his amped-up followers are screaming to the high heavens on social media about the election being stolen by socialist, deep state enemies of America.

This dispiriting display undermines our most sacred civic right — free elections. It’s made even worse by Republicans who are supporting Trump’s gambit, thereby selling out their country as they cower before the wrath of Trump.

Now that defeat looms over him, Trump has given up any pretense of governing. He is spending his days sending out tweets to rile up his fans, planning for his next act as some kind of right-wing media lord and firing anyone in his administration who has dared to cross him in any small way. He is a loose cannon, a bull in a china shop, a runaway train.

And that means anyone hoping to be rid of the Trump horror show must still wait until Jan. 20 to finally be free of thinking about this man every day.

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