I am writing to encourage Mayor Jenny Durkan and the Seattle City Council to not pass any laws that make lawful misdemeanors such as stealing from stores and/or from people in any part of Seattle.

I do understand that people need to feed themselves and their families, but making stealing legal is not the answer. Attempting to fix one problem by creating another problem — like selective lawlessness — is not the answer regardless of how well intentioned the proponent’s motives are. Selective lawlessness will metastasize and spread like a cancer. It won’t be long before it infects every area of the city and beyond. Creating two sets of laws is obviously unfair resulting in not all of us being equal before the law. And further, the laws won’t solve or make significant contributions to solving the basic causal factors of homelessness and poverty.

The city should not pass laws that encourage and foster lawlessness that will also further reduce the attractiveness of living and visiting Seattle and that won’t solve the problems the proponents say they want to solve.

Robert G. Nuber, Seattle