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While I sympathize with Ammon Perea’s overall analysis, he appears to overlook a quest for a solution [“Millennials are mindless zombies and we can’t help it,” Opinion, Sept. 3].

It’s easy to blame parents for letting TV raise their children, yet he seems unaware baby boomers were dealt a similar hand. I recall reading the whole of the TV Guide so as to report to my parents at the dinner table “what’s on tonight.”

The difference today lies in the effect of that little rectangle millennials are constantly gazing down into — shutting themselves off from society, only to be surprised and offended by anyone on the street they collide with. This lack of social interaction may not make a millennial lacking in independence and free thought, but it certainly damages his or her ability to empathize and think critically. If Perea considered this, he might have hinted at the need for his generation to raise their heads from the digital abyss and begin engaging directly in our carbon-based society.

Andrew DeRycke, Seattle