Attorney General William Barr has been accused by some of making partisan, political decisions in managing the Department of Justice. Americans expect their government agencies, especially those that provide services to all of us and are supported by taxpayers, not to play partisan politics in their decision making. That’s for politicians. That’s why it’s also disturbing when our local nonpolitical government managers make political decisions in managing their public operations.

Recently, King County Metro announced it would no longer provide transportation for police officers who were needed to safeguard Seattle citizens and property during downtown riots and looting. After a number of attempts, I received an explanation, which included the following: “We are also sensitive to the role that law enforcement has played historically in our nation in upholding racial injustice and furthering racial inequities with their policies and practices and all that continues to represent for many within our community.”

Metro is a public organization supported by taxpayers. It not only made a decision to not assist police in protecting lives and property, but its statement is also a punitive position against another organization supported by taxpayers — the police.

Sounds like politics to me.

Daniel Eramian, Newcastle