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David Horsey, a two-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning, is back in Seattle as a guest cartoonist for The Seattle Times Opinion page. Look at a gallery of his cartoons here.  Readers will likely remember the prizewinning editorial cartoons Horsey created for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer for 32 years.  In 2012, Horsey became a political commentator for the Los Angeles Times and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist there two more times. Horsey already has taken on major issues facing the region, including the Seattle City Council and its new head tax, the region’s steep housing prices and how President Donald Trump’s cancellation of the U.S. role in the Iran nuclear deal might affect Boeing workers. Syndicated by Tribune Content Agency, Horsey’s work has appeared in hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Politico and After graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle, Horsey began his journalism career as a political reporter for the Daily Journal-American in Bellevue, then was hired as the P-I’s editorial cartoonist. His career in Seattle and Los Angeles has taken him to national political-party conventions, presidential primaries and debates; the Olympic Games; the Super Bowl; assignments in Europe, Japan and Mexico; and two extended stints working at the Hearst Newspapers’ Washington, D.C., bureau. Horsey has published nine books of cartoons, including his three most recent, “Draw Quick, Shoot Straight” (2007), “Refuge of Scoundrels” (2013) and “Top of the Ticket (2016). Horsey and his wife, Nole Ann, recently relocated back to Seattle from LA. For a distinct change of pace, Horsey spends a week or two each year working as an apprentice cowboy in Montana.