Re: “Lewis County sheriff calls residents who follow Gov. Inslee’s coronavirus mask requirement ‘sheep’ ” [June 24, Northwest]:

Sheriff Rob Snaza, has told a group of Lewis County residents that because Gov. Jay Inslee has mandated wearing face masks, inside and outside, residents conforming to the mandate are sheep. Snaza is in error about the requirement to wear face masks outside; wearing face masks outside is only required if social distance is impossible to maintain.

If Snaza considers county residents sheep if they conform to the statewide mandate to wear masks to control the spread of COVID-19, does that make residents who refuse to wear masks lemmings because of their willingness to metaphorically run off a cliff by endangering their health and the health of others?

I do not wear a face mask out of a desire to conform, I wear a face mask out of a sense of responsibility to others. It would be difficult to live with myself if I come down with COVID-19 and realize that people who came into contact with me before I showed symptoms have died because of my lack of respect for their safety.

I am seriously considering having a ball cap embroidered with “Make America Responsible Again.” This sentiment should be appropriate, whether the color of the cap is red or blue.

Robert Nielsen, Seattle