Re: “How should the new Maritime Washington National Heritage Area operate? Public will get a say” [Dec. 29, Local News]:

As a past president of a county historical society, I know how difficult it can be to accomplish even basic goals. It often comes down to a handful of dedicated volunteers carrying the brunt of the load.

Now before us is a presentation supported by the National Park Service but locally managed. The Maritime Washington National Heritage Area legislation will also include a path to grant funds.

Additionally, the maritime development could include a myriad interests and occupations. It could also include those who like to be given a task as well as those who may excel at research, planning or execution of a project.

Migration to a tech industry from legacy employers calls for replacement jobs for non-tech employees, which maritime development could help provide. Also, development could provide lodging and entertainment for tourists if national or international travel continues to be in question.

Most importantly, considering the division in our country, I see this as the ideal time for development of a unifying maritime area in Northwest Washington.

Joan Gilbert, Shelton