Re: “Homeowners told permits for their home renovation will cost an extra $11,000, thanks to upzoning in Seattle” [July 27, Northwest]:

The plight of the two Highland Park homeowners illustrates what many of us critics of the Mandatory Housing Affordability plan said: Mandating that new construction pay into a fund designated for low-income housing will increase the price of new and renovated construction, thereby making new housing more, not less, expensive. This is just common sense — increasing costs increases prices.

Seattle housing prices have skyrocketed because not enough housing has been built for the many people who have moved here. Seattle desperately needs more housing if it is to retain a middle and working class. More housing can be built and more renovation be done at a lower cost if low-income housing is built with general city funds rather than requiring new housing and renovation to disproportionately shoulder the expense. The case for more low-income housing is strong and everyone in Seattle should pay for it, not just homeowners like Erika and Andre Cherry.

Greg Smith, Seattle