My fellow Americans, this is your wake-up call. Your democracy is in peril. That is your sacred gift bequeathed to you by your Founding Fathers. That is the soul of this republic, its life blood, its source of light like the shining sun.

Do not hesitate to crush the enemies of such an invaluable possession.

We all know mail-in votes are a tried and tested, safe method to cast ballots and have been used for decades with a negligible chance of fraud.

Equally, the U.S. Postal Service, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general, has served this country throughout its history meticulously with a very high degree of reliability.

Don’t allow charlatans to build their fortunes by spreading lies. Rise up and wrest what is your treasure lest it be destroyed by the enemies of democracy and the republic.

I am certain you won’t disturb the peaceful slumber of your Founding Fathers.

Muddassir Tajammul, Everett