Washington citizens now do all their voting by mail. The same is true in Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii and Utah. California used the all-mail option in the state’s recent presidential primary. In fact, all 50 states have various ways at least some people can vote without showing up at the polls.

Nevertheless, President Donald Trump and a cadre of his fans on the right are going apoplectic over the steps that several states are taking to offer mail-in ballots as a means to avoid the risks of spreading COVID-19 at polling stations. Trump and crew do not seem to care about people getting sick, they simply want to spin one more absurd conspiracy theory.

In Washington and other states, there is absolutely no evidence that mail-in ballots have encouraged voter fraud in more than a minuscule number of cases. Yet, Trump set off a tweet storm on Tuesday in which he threatened to withhold federal funds from Michigan and Nevada because they are planning to give voters the option of voting from home. Besides the dubious legality of his threat, it was curious that he did not go after Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska or West Virginia for doing the same thing. Was it because those states are run by Republicans or because the secretaries of state in Michigan and Nevada are women?

The president, who is facing miserable polling numbers in his run for another term, appears to think mail-in voting helps Democrats and hurts Republicans, though there is no evidence of that, either. One elections analyst has suggested mail-in ballots may actually help the GOP because they would increase participation among low-education white voters.

One can never be sure what gears are grinding in Trump’s mind, but it may be that he just wants to prop up an election-fraud scenario that he can roll out just in case he loses the election in November.

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