Re: “Suzi LeVine, head of Washington state’s embattled unemployment agency, to take job in Biden administration” [Jan. 22, Business]:

Perhaps no state agency has been as mismanaged as the Employment Security Department. Although I didn’t have an unemployment claim in the past year, I know many who did and waited weeks and even months to get their rightful checks while hundreds of millions of our tax dollars were fraudulently sent to Nigeria.

Now the official who led this fiasco is going to work for the Biden administration. I am disappointed. From President Joe Biden’s Cabinet picks, I thought those doing the background and vetting checks were doing a great job. Perhaps they turned the tasks of the lesser vetting to lower-level employees.

State Sen. Reuven Carlyle stated that LeVine “took an agency that was in the ditch.” But former President Harry Truman proclaimed “the buck stops here.” If the agency was “in the ditch,” shouldn’t Gov. Jay Inslee and legislators such as state Sen. Karen Keiser, whose committee oversees ESD, have been working to correct the problems? Gov. Inslee was in office for five years before LeVine began heading the department.

Democrats have controlled the governor’s office since 1985. If any of our state agencies are “in the ditch,” perhaps we should think about changing our state leadership.

Don Wlazlak, Marysville