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The Woodland Park Zoo has outdone itself by ratcheting up its cruelty toward its elephants, Chai and Bamboo, by shipping them off to the Oklahoma City Zoo, which provides an even worse environment than the Woodland Park Zoo [“Elephants to Oklahoma City? Not so fast,” Opinion, March 3].

Per City Attorney Pete Holmes’ legal opinion, the City of Seattle is within its rights to condition any future zoo funds, such as money from the newly created Seattle Park District, on what happens with Chai and Bamboo.

The mayor and five City Council members have supported the elephants’ transfer to a sanctuary, which would provide a humane environment for Chai and Bamboo to live out their days. But the mayor and council now remain shamefully silent on the imminent transfer, despite their power to stop it.

The zoo is on the wrong side of history. I ask that the mayor and council use their authority to be on the right side — anything less is beneath Seattle’s dignity.

Beverly Marcus, Seattle