We all know there is a lack affordable housing in King County. Changing single-family zoning to allow for apartments and condos is one policy solution. The survey cited in the FYI Guy column showed that support for changing single-family zoning varied geographically. The survey covered seven policy options.

Clearly addressing affordable housing will be complex, will need to address local preferences, and will cost local governments time and resources. These challenges may mean a delay in action. Last year, the state Legislature passed House Bill 1220, which will require cities and counties to address the housing crisis in updates to planning under the Growth Management Act.

Unfortunately, the Legislature failed to provide the funds to local governments to implement these new planning requirements in HB1220. Urge your state legislators to support funding in the new legislative session for HB 1220 planning and to include funding for community-based organizations to also participate in the planning process.

Let’s recognize that some cities and counties need more resources to do the careful planning required to address affordable housing for their residents.

Kristi Weir, Bellevue