Re: “No, we’re not all in this together — look at what’s happening with coronavirus in Yakima” [May 20, Northwest]: The suffering of our neighbors in Yakima is not just a “rebuke” to the idea that we are all in this together, as Danny Westneat wrote. It’s a call to action to make those words real. People are sick with COVID-19 at shockingly high rates in the Yakima valley. Two thirds of the sick are Latino, while white people are disproportionately shielded from the outbreak. Meanwhile, across Washington state Latinos and other undocumented, unemployed workers are blocked from basic survival supports like unemployment and federal stimulus checks.

This reality, racist, unequal and unfair is created by policy choices made by our leaders and the 1%. It doesn’t have to be like this. Our food shouldn’t cost anyone their health or their life. Gov. Jay Inslee should create a $100 million Washington workers’ relief fund so that no worker, documented or undocumented, in Washington is abandoned. We must stand with and for each other across our differences and against anything and anyone who seeks to divide us. Because we are in this together.

Siobhan Ring, Seattle