Re: “WSU president reveals weak hand with student-only mandate” [Aug. 17, Opinion]:

How can the Washington State University leadership expect the parents of potential WSU athletes to welcome the Cougar head football coach into their homes and trust their kids to his mentorship and guidance if he won’t show enough leadership to clearly and rationally explain his resistance to getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

While health decisions may be personal, his job is highly public, and his refusal to show any leadership is simply a failure to perform a critical aspect of his employment. He should be terminated.

Meanwhile, WSU President Kirk Schulz and Athletic Director Pat Chun are tying themselves into pretzels to accommodate a nonperforming employee, manifesting the idea that only football is more important than integrity or consistency in the eyes of the alumni donors.

For one of the capstone institutions in Washington state to bend to the whim of its football coach is a sad reflection on its priorities. Gov. Jay Inslee should demand a meeting of the university’s trustees to bring this to a resolution that protects the honor of the institution.

Steve Johnson, Seattle