Re: “State’s highest-paid worker must respect vaccine mandate” [Aug. 11, Opinion]: Unless Nick Rolovich has a medical reason not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, I can’t imagine a situation in which this ends well for the WSU football program.

Absent a medical exemption, Rolovich is saying “my personal feelings are more important than the safety of those around me,” which is a troubling attitude for a coach, especially in a team sport such as football. Rolovich’s players risk serious injury every day on behalf of the team, yet he is unwilling to take a vaccine, which at worst would have minor side effects for a couple of days? What if his quarterback decided to adopt a similar “me first” attitude and refused to hand the ball off because he wanted to pad his statistics? I don’t see how Rolovich can truly ask his players to commit 100% to the team, when he is unwilling to.

I would strongly encourage AD Pat Chun to replace him now, rather than in the middle of the season when it will be more disruptive.

Adam Barr, Redmond