We are all feeling overwhelmed by current events — the pandemic, climate change, our fractured democracy, the war in Ukraine — and may feel helpless to effect any positive change.

But there is something each of us can do to make a difference in the lives of the more than 43 million people currently facing famine globally, and the 47 million additional men, women and children who are projected to experience acute food insecurity by the end of 2022. Write or call your Congressional representatives to urge the 2023 reauthorization of the Farm Bill, which funds multiple domestic and foreign food and agricultural programs, including Title 3, which provides lifesaving aid to the world’s most marginalized and vulnerable people.

Issues like famine often get lost in all the uproar but, as Pope Francis said on World Food Day in 2021, “Overcoming hunger is one of humanity’s greatest challenges.” A simple call to your Congressperson and Senators is one thing we can all do to show solidarity and compassion for our starving brothers and sisters.

Joyce Mork-O’Brien, Seattle