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Re: “A lesson for today in Tacoma’s fall and Seattle’s rise in the 1890s”:

If Populists of the 1890s are to be criticized for having “blamed the depression on evil bankers in New York and London,” who was to blame? Was it an act of God? Certainly the Chinese bore no responsibility and deserved no reprobation.

Op-Ed writer Bruce Ramsey states, “Populism was an angry, cynical creed — suspicious of bondholders, bankers, business leaders and successful people generally.” Did they not deserve even more than suspicion? And wouldn’t it be more accurate to say wealthy people instead of “successful people”?

Those were the days before antitrust laws, when monopolization, insider trading, price fixing, stock manipulation and other routine practices by Wall Street rigged the financial system against the working class of Tacoma and elsewhere.

Arthur Lynch, Bainbridge Island