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Two articles in The Seattle Times caught my attention: “Women’s abortion worries start anew” [Local News, Nov. 22] by Nicole Brodeur and “Pope extends priest’s ability to absolve women who confess to sin of abortion” [News, Nov. 22]. Both of these articles are a reminder to me that sexism and patriarchy are alive and well in the United States and in the Catholic Church.

Men in high places continue to make decisions for women. While Donald Trump tells us to take a hike to another state when necessary to have an abortion, Pope Francis tells women who have had an abortion that if they “fess” up to their grave sin, they can now be forgiven by a man who represents God. Of course, at the same time, they remain sinners in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Trump and Pope Francis remain prime examples of sexism and patriarchy who want to keep a tight rein on women telling us how to behave, limiting our rights and even deciding when to forgive us.

Mary Dispenza, Bellevue