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Regarding the letter “Wolf management: Trust WDFW”:

The recent restraining order pertaining to lethal removal of wolves is an important petition to bring the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife into compliance with the law requiring it to follow a process adhering to best available science, full disclosure, public involvement, alternative actions, etc., as it develops policy.

This process was ignored in the development of plans for lethal removal of listed endangered wolves in our state. Instead, a selectively appointed Wolf Advisory Group comprised of mainly hunters and livestock producers with a few mostly go-along environmentalists was used to rubber-stamp policy devised by WDFW. Within WAG itself, a “sufficient consensus” model is used, which facilitates agreement without dissent. Because of this travesty, the avenue of legal remedy is the only one left to get WDFW to follow the law.

Thanks to the Center For Biological Diversity, there may be a resulting opportunity for the majority of Washingtonians to offer public input on policy as required by law.

Sharon Stroble, Seattle