Re: “How wokeness ends” [May 16, Opinion]:

David Brooks’ column missed a key point. It is not just wokeness that is escalating but also outright rebellion against its second element — its unhinged ideology. This resistance is building a new alliance across the political spectrum, from principled conservatives like Brooks himself to principled progressives like longtime Unitarian activists, myself included.

The ideological wokeness now sweeping through the Unitarian Universalist (UU) hierarchy, feeding off elite white guilt and linguistic battles, has lit up a backlash of “passion and commitment” that would amaze columnist Tyler Cowen, cited by Brooks. One such minister, the Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof, was so upset by the new regime of insult and smear that he handed out his skeptical book “The Gadfly Papers” at a national meeting.

Sadly, the response was the hysteria and kangaroo court of a modern-day witch hunt, fully documented in Eklof’s current book, “The Gadfly Affair.” Yet the ranks of we UU “heretics” are now organized, swelling with each new cancellation. A new book, “Used to be UU” by Jay Kiskel and Frank Casper, actually takes up Eklof’s challenge, calling for the restoration of democracy, from legal due process to voting reform.

To other liberal organizations: You too are vulnerable — take heed.

Dick Burkhart, Seattle