Re: “Washington’s moment to shine in offshore wind energy” [Nov. 23, Opinion]:

The authors say it is time to convene interests, including fisheries, to plan to move forward with offshore wind energy projects on the West Coast. This convention must be held to concretely ensure the economic interests to fisheries from offshore wind energy installations impacts, both direct and indirect. Environmental justice principles must be observed when installing offshore wind energy — meaning the social and economic well-being of existing users of the waters along the West Coast must not be impacted by these projects.

Fisheries’ economic interests have never been adequately compensated from environmental damages brought by energy projects. The examples include hydroelectric power in the Columbia River Basin, the Exxon Valdes oil spill and wind-energy projects along the U.S. East Coast. For these projects, the policy must be complete compensation to the affected fisheries. Trying to get compensation after the projects are in will be too late.

It is never “too expensive” to ensure social justice in any business. Business practices that fail to observe social and environmental justice simply have no place in our world today. Charging your cellphone on the jobs of fishermen is unacceptable.

Joel Kawahara, Quilcene