Re: “Solar farms are booming in Washington state, but where should they go?” [May 2, Northwest]:

Reducing carbon emissions is essential if we hope to avoid climate catastrophe, and this article brought some encouraging news about the growth of solar. It is understandable that land use will change from rangeland and other uses to solar panel arrays, which some people embrace and others resist. Klickitat County Commissioner Dan Christopher is one such resister, and I realize no one really likes change forced on them.

Two ideas for Christopher and other resisters, though. First, Eastern Washington gets more sunny days than Western Washington — more sunlight begets more energy. There’s nothing political about that. Second, how do resisters think this whole climate-change thing is going to end? With tolerable temperatures and plenty of water? With abundant food, much of it thanks to beneficial insects? Comfortable retirement homes decades from now in the Goldendale area? With the global community stable and friendly? No, just no — not if we keep burning fossil fuels.

Timothy Walsh, Seattle