Re: “Seek compromise before siting solar, wind farms in rural Washington” [May 9, Opinion]:

I live east of the Cascades, am not Republican and voted for our current political leaders. I support green energy but also fairness.

I see unfairness in the way the west side of the state uses this side, from the dams that send much of their power to west-side areas, to the buying up of local housing for second homes or short-term rentals, resulting in housing shortages and inflated property costs. I see opportunity to make things obviously fairer by putting a green project on the west side for every one done on the east side.

With a little ingenuity, the tall west side buildings could be retrofitted with solar panels and/or wind turbines; underwater ocean-powered turbines might be installed. Perhaps develop solar arrays with wind turbines incorporated right into the framework. Solar arrays can be built on fields where livestock can still graze.

If those on your side of the state would deign to consider those of us on the east side to be equals, this could work out for everyone.

Mary Hill, Wenatchee