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The state’s wolf advisory group has decided that shooting some members of the Smackout wolf pack will teach them not to prey on cattle.  Really?

I’m not a wildlife biologist, but I own a dog. If she were to bite someone and a month later I swatted her and said “bad dog,” she would have no idea why she was being punished. So it is with the plan to gun down members of the Smackout pack for reportedly attacking four cows since September.
If the planned culling of the Smackout pack is anything like the one carried out on the Profanity Peak pack, it might cost more than $100,000. Why doesn’t the Department of Fish and Wildlife just pay the money directly to the ranchers for their loss? They should not have to bear any financial burden in helping wolves return to their native habitats.
It makes me wonder about the real reason for hunting down the wolves. Might it have more to do with appeasing and placating certain interest groups than with responsible wildlife management?

Vince Barnes, Edmonds