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Editor, The Times

The media discussion about the U.S. relationship with Cuba, reignited by Fidel Castro’s death, never mentions Castro’s key role in subverting legitimate governments in Latin America.
The list is long. It includes Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia and more.
Cuban activities such as placing Communist moles in key positions of influence, smuggling weapons, running guerrilla-training camps and campaigns of misinformation to influence public opinion are but a few samples. All were personally directed by Castro and continue today.
Successive U.S. administrations have subjected Latin America to “benign neglect,” at our peril. China, Iran, Russia, even North Korea have made successful overtures and established commercial, investment and political beachheads all over the region.
He was a bad man who tyrannized his own country, exported Communism and lived like a king in the lap of “state-secret” opulence. R. I. P … at last.
Paul Calderon, Bellevue