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When I finished reading the Op-Ed by John Miller, I heaved a sigh of despair [“A free-trade pact with the U.K.?” Opinion, Aug. 12]. Out of 13 paragraphs, seven referred to the “blunders” that President Obama made in dealing with the U.K. Rather than being an article discussing free trade, the emphasis is blatantly political.

Inasmuch as the U.K. is not free to make or deny trade agreements, I agree with Miller in that he is far too early to raise the issue in the middle of an election.

I have lived and voted in enough elections to remember when members of Congress worked productively with the opposite side. I’ve puzzled over why the two-party system is no longer working. This article explains one reason why: The party is all important. I surely hope some bright millennial can think up a better way to elect members of Congress.

Jessie Irene Fernandes, Bellevue