Much is made of what divides the United States today. The loudest voices shout out polarizing opinions. We debate how to eliminate and redress ethnic and numerous other inequalities. This all feeds into the echo machine of social media. There are many divergent ideas about the direction our country should take on issues.

Our history has not been fair for everyone, but highlighting only the bad in America misses the good. Our country is one of the few countries where this level of disagreement is tolerated. We can have open, public debate about issues. We care about making things fair and right.

The key premise for democracy is that consensus drives laws. Not everyone gets everything they want; but they get a voice. People have a free opportunity to persuade others to their side without resorting to violence. We need to respect divergent opinions. It takes time to change the opinions of the body politic, but the process does work. It has worked for 245 years. Be proud to live in a country that tries to do the right thing.

Steven Treese, Gig Harbor