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Tuesday’s Seattle Times included an article reporting that within hours of the inauguration, some White House website pages were removed, including information in Spanish, LGBT issues, climate change, health care and civil liberties [“White House axes website in Spanish language,” Page A5, Jan. 24].

Press secretary Sean Spicer says the new administration is “working hard” on building the website, but he didn’t specifically address whether the Spanish page would reappear, and there’s no mention at all about the status of the other topics. Why would any of these be removed before there’s a replacement?

Does anyone else besides me find it chilling that these subjects, about which the candidate Trump was so negatively vocal, have disappeared from the website? All this from someone who stated it’s his intent to lead a government that is for all of the people. We all know that some of these topics are highly political, but civil liberties? Human decency and stewardship of the earth should not be political!

Jacquie Brissey, Redmond