Living in downtown Seattle should not be as dangerous as Chicago. Yes, thousands of new residents have moved to the city. I have lived here only four years, and violent crime continues to plague the downtown corridor on a regular basis.

This week, a man who shouldn’t even be on the street because he’s a violent repeat offender stabbed three innocent people in broad daylight. The physical safety of residents and tourists should not be an acceptable sacrifice because the city is experiencing growing pains. Who is responsible for funding additional police units and patrols?

Chicago has gangs to blame for a majority of its crime. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot understands policing and properly prosecuting offenders helps resolve her city’s problems. When is Mayor Jenny Durkan going to get it together and institute plans that enable me to walk my neighborhood streets (Second Avenue and Pine Street) without feeling like I need a weapon to defend myself?

Seattle is suffering when it doesn’t need to be. Is the City Council to blame? I voted for the mayor, and I’m voting in the City Council race this fall. In which direction should I share my disdain?

Tiffany Roget, Seattle