Four years ago, my family had to relocate to Kansas. Our plan: Return to the Pacific Northwest as soon as our daughter graduated from high school. We left our boat in Anacortes, paying moorage and maintenance that supports the local economy, and we return every summer.

This past week, we returned for a brief trip and did not recognize our city. How does allowing the homeless to sleep in the streets, under overpasses and along the highways help them or the city? What is the impact on the environment, the economy or the pride of the city? Do the city leaders and voters travel around the city and see what it looks like? Why would anyone want to visit and step over the homeless, worry about human waste, used drug paraphernalia or be concerned about crime (we found ourselves in the middle of a police chase of an armed robbery in the middle of the day).

My daughter loves Seattle, the mountains, the sea and of course the Hawks. When we returned to Kansas, she asked, “Why is Seattle so dirty”?

Help the homeless, give them opportunity off the streets and clean up our city!

David Naro, Overland Park, Kansas