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Having grown up here in Washington, my fondest childhood memories are of outdoor adventures in our beautiful region. Last August, as forest-fire smoke filled our skies, my husband and I made the tough choice to keep our young daughters inside for nearly a week straight to protect their little bodies. It was heartbreaking when my almost 3-year-old approached me in tears two days before her birthday and said, “Mama, will I be able to go outside for my birthday?” Is this what childhood in the era of climate change looks like?

I’m very concerned about the effects of climate change and am encouraged to see climate action being elevated in Olympia and in Washington, D.C. It’s time we pass solutions that move us into the clean-energy economy we deserve. A 100 percent clean-energy economy is a practical way to address climate change, and it will have long-term benefits for our economy, our people and the natural world that makes Washington state so special.

Annika Berman, Seattle