Re: “Beset by U.S. lawsuits, criticism, opioid makers eye India market” [Sept. 17, A3]:

There is a casual reference near the end of this excellent story to the fact that India has “launched the world’s biggest public health-insurance program … It guarantees half a billion poor Indians nearly $7,000 in hospital expenses, paid to private insurers, and, by 2020, the government is to open 150,000 primary care centers. …”

So India can afford health care for all, but the U.S. can’t. What nonsense to say that the U.S. cannot afford it. This is entirely ideological, and I continue to struggle to understand any ideology that actually prefers to see Americans failing to get health care. Throwing around the word socialism a lot does not answer the central question of the cruelty and utter lack of empathy at the heart of this ideology.

Well done, India. Shame on you, U.S.

Jacqueline Houston, Seattle