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The comment in the story “Experts faced with 3 possible storm paths,” [Page One, Oct. 17] about the wind storm that referred to the wildly inaccurate predictions by meteorologists is a cheap shot. The problem was that the press wanted to hype the storm and glommed onto to the notion that the storm could be akin to the Columbus Day storm of the 1960s.

If you read the forecasts closely, you could easily tell that this was one possible outcome and not necessarily the most likely. But this little bit of research takes time and effort beyond just reading a short report from the Weather Service. TV media are clearly worse, even though their weather people clearly outlined the forecast’s uncertainty.

Bashing the people who made the forecast isn’t fair. Although it fits one description of journalism that I have always liked. Reporters are like spectators watching a battle — when it is over, journalists go down and shoot the wounded.

Don Pember, Seattle