I’m sick and tired that the Seattle City Council, mayor and news media continue to invent controversies among constituents in Seattle. Cars vs. cyclists, homeowners vs. housing advocates, homeless advocates vs. just about everyone, golf courses vs. housing, older residents vs. newcomers, etc.

When City Hall weakened neighborhood councils, it spelled the end of thoughtful civil collaboration among diverse views. Instead, we have special-interest groups trying to persuade the city to eliminate golf courses. Mayor Jenny Durkan goes where the latest wind moves her, and the City Council lets developers control the narrative for the entire city with little pushback until it is too late. Ban McMansions? Give me a break.

There are tough growth and homelessness decisions to make, but we need to find a way to do it in collaboration with diverse constituents. There are enough issues to grapple with without inventing ones like closing golf courses. We’ve become so used to yelling at the television screen or sniping at people on Facebook that we’ve lost the ability and will to have rational discussions. We’re supposed to be an inclusive city. Problem is, we don’t know how.

Frank Jose, Seattle